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The panel is about as big as a medium sized battery.The panel is about as big as a medium sized battery.The Keshe Foundation is proud to announce the development of "Day & Night panels" which deliver current day and night at levels considerably higher than those from present solar panel models. These D&N panels will be able to supply constant power to electrical and electronic devices. This new technology is under patent application.

At the same time these panels are able to capture CO2 and CH4
from the air and convert them to a liquid state. CO2 and CH4 are important greenhouse gases.

liquid CO2 and liquid CH4liquid CO2 and liquid CH4
The image on the left shows two containers with a gray/white deposit of liquid, jelly-like CO2 with water on top. The third tube contains a solution of CH4 with a greenish-blue CH4 deposit at the bottom. All these materials were tested by several types of spectroscopy at a university in Belgium.
a tube with CH4 powder, CH4 deposit in solution, CH4 solution, tube with solid CO2, tube with liquid CO2.a tube with CH4 powder, CH4 deposit in solution, CH4 solution, tube with solid CO2, tube with liquid CO2. This image shows five tubes (from left to right): a tube with CH4 powder, a CH4 deposit in solution, a CH4 solution, one with solid CO2, one with liquid CO2. Download this photo in high quality (3.7 Mb)
solid CO2 at room temperaturesolid CO2 at room temperature Photo of solid CO2 at room temperature. This mastic-like substance is not "dry ice", which is the state we would normally consider solid CO2 to be. Therefore we consider it to be in GANS-state (GAs + Nano + Solid state). Download above photo in higher quality/size (1.1 Mb)
solid CO2 hold in the handsolid CO2 hold in the hand The solid CO2 is at room temperature and can be squeezed or handled like chewing gum or mastic.

The next image shows the IR-spectroscopy graph of the CO2 substance. The CO2 jelly is measured at 2630 wavelength of the spectrum, where the asymmetric stretch is normally predicted at 2640 cm-1 (ref. science.widener.edu), so we have an almost perfect match due to the high purity (nano material).


IR-spectroscopy graph of the CO2 substanceIR-spectroscopy graph of the CO2 substance

More information and more spectroscopic graphs are given in a new paper by M.T. Keshe entitled 'Direct absorption of carbon dioxide CO2 and methane CH4 gases from the environment and their conversion into nano solution and nano solid matters and production of energy and oxygen by the use of nano compound at ambient temperature and pressure', (Dec. 2009 - version 2). Download the pdf (1.7 Mb).


The D&N technology will be marketed by the company:

Keshe Power Cell technology b.v.b.a. (Belgium),
official registration number 0819.458.077.

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