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Seed experiment

5781434452 c9b73aa749 copy5781434452 c9b73aa749 copyFollowing our seed tests three years ago, this years as the spring in the northern hemisphere approaching, the Foundation will start again testing its technology of experimenting with the growing of seeds under different conditions.

Our proposal.

1.Seeds with normal water,
2.Seeds watered from special systems developed for growth.
3.Seeds, which have been cultured and grown in our nano material environment.
4.Seeds, which are in soil and feed with water.
5.Seeds, which are in soil and feed with water from the systems.
6.Seeds, which are in soil and feed with water, and soil which have nano materials.
7.Seeds, which are in soil and feed with water, are absorbing feed from air while the seeds are in liquid materials nano solutions are absorbed directly from the air.

These experiments should take about 3-6 month, 50 seeds with each trial case or you can sugest if you would like more seeds and what variation.

The reason for these tests are that we think seeds can be grown much faster and produce more crop with using water systems and technologies which are devloped by the Foundation, thus byt using these waters and systems eliminating the need for fertilisers as the seeds take what they need as they need it from the environment or earth.

Where, we think from previous experiments seeds fed with treated water or nano CO2 solution should show to be growing much better and faster.

Secondly, using treated water and CO2, would we will be able to produce crops which are environmental independent? or would we be able to produce crop that can graow during drought or frost in the same volumes, as the nano solution will act as blanketing for protection of the seed and its nutrition intake control.

We think If the natural nano material enters the growth cycle of the seeds in a natural way, then we think the seed might become frost or drought resistance as the plant should absorb the moisture from its environment according to its need through its own nano structure implants irrespective of the external conditions of the environment of the plant as we have observed in other experiments.

Any suggestion from the forum, how you would like observe these tests and any suggestion of seeds and process which you like to see seeds to be grown in.

We are prepared to dispatch seeds to any volunteer who likes to go through this process with us.

We will bank-safe the initial seeds history before sending them out that there will be no discussions in the future.

Pictures can be posted every week of all growth that we all can compare the growth.

These tests will be on double blind bases if possible as no one will know what they have received except us and then we all can report what we have seen in the growth of seeds.

If this trial process and not the outcome works, that we all work as global scientific community, then we will start the same process with other sectors of the technology, then from now on the technology gets observed, tested and used in the community by the people for the people as we tech you how to produce and pass the massage to your farming community that your nation becomes food self-sufficient.

You want to participate in this Foundation world food development direct from the air and see the development of the technology, be brave enough to participate in this test and send your details to the foundation through info@keshefoundation.com">info@keshefoundation.com and we will contact you how and what can be done about this program.

The reason for this action from the Foundation has been due to the fact that we receive e-mails from people whom would like to come to Belgium and be student of the Foundation to learn. Stay in you nations and we bring the technology to you for the advancement of your country and we all learn at the same time how we can proceed to bring all technologies of the foundation in the next step for energy and space and so forth through the same systems of trials to your nation.

The 2011 are the opening of the Knowledge to masses by the Foundation as we have started our lectures and presentation in Europe now we bring the knowledge to all whom cannot be there.

Is for you to open the door and we will make every effort to work with you and your nation through you.

Our motto with this program is not to feed the world, but start to teach the world how they can become independent to feed themselves and create enough energy and shelter to live a comfortable life.

This is the beginning of the Oases program which was announce some three years ago by the Foundation, and now we are ready to release our technology to masses.


You can follow the discussion on the forum: http://www.keshefoundation.org/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=7&;t=239

Or see some results here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/63523413@N04/sets/72157626725990277/

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