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Health applications

Health applications of Plasma Reactors

Through the progress of different aspects of our technology, in June 2006 a new dimension was added to the concepts of the Keshe Foundation, the use of plasma reactors for medical applications. Initially simple single core reactors and then multiple core models were developed and tested.

The first test results were encouraging in helping simple conditions, such as migraine relief, energy boosting, and so on. Following successful trials, in January 2007 full-scale testing was initiated and the results have been more than encouraging. Following the first patents filed early in the year, all our knowledge in the medical field was submitted in July 2007 in a full European patent application. This application is and will be supported by full test cases and independent medical results. All tests were and are carried out with patients with full medical records.


Subsequently a number of plasma reactor prototypes have been designed and developed for medical use, a specific prototype for each illness. These reactors are based on the specific magnetic field configuration of the organ(s) to be treated using plasma concepts.




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