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Interviews with Kerry Cassidy


Interview with Kerry Cassidy, March 25, 2015

"This is an update with MT Keshe, the Iranian plasma physicist and nuclear scientist who is now dedicated to bringing free energy to the world. This update deals with Keshe's progress with his Foundation and announcement about the new Institute for learning that he is starting in Italy.

Go here for more info: https://spaceshipinstitute.org/

Keshe talks with me about the healing power of his technology, how it can present a force field to protect against psycho-tronic weapons and much more...The Keshe Foundation is now setting up offices around the world including one in China and California. His Plasma Physics is poised to make oil and gas unnecessary and revolutionize the way we live and travel."


Interview with Kerry Cassidy, November 13, 2014

"This is an update with MT Keshe the Iranian free energy scientist who has had multiple threats to himself and his family as well as his co-workers. Recently he and his wife and staff members were poisoned and this video delves into who is behind these attempts as well as contains substantial world-changing science that he and his team are revealing to the public."

Interview with Kerry Cassidy, March 17, 2014


"This is a crucial interview with Iranian free energy scientist MT KESHE. He has been threatened by the illuminati ex-king of Belgium and others in power. He and his family are being threatened with torture and death. He describes the physics and the secret of free energy he is releasing through documents on the web."


Interview with Mike Harris, March 14, 2014

This is the first Mike Harris Interview of Mehran Keshe March 14, 2014. Info on the Spaceship Institute, construction of the SSI spacecraft, work with Fukushima, and much more!


Live link presentation at Imperial college university of London

 Live link presentation at Imperial college university of London Live link presentation at Imperial college university of London
Live link presentation at Imperial college university of London
live link talk MT Keshe in conversation with Shahriar Mazandi followed by Q&A session on Wednesday 30th of January 2013, 6.30 to 8.30 PM Skempton Hall, Imperial College London SW7 2AZ. Please contact S.Mazandi for details. Cost: £10 at the door. This is you opportunity to ask MT Keshe your questions.

LIVESTREAM interview with Project Camelot

Live Interview with Kerry from Project Camelot - Wednesday April 18th 


We are very pleased to announce this upcoming livestream event. MT Keshe is now in Belgium working on plasma physics, space technologies and other alternative energy technologies.

..."man made propulsion technology has become the story of the past." --M.T.Keshe

Visit Kerry's blog: http://projectcamelotproductions.com/blog-hp.html

See the recording of the Live Stream below.


Bovendien.com: Spiritueel Café TV interview

(videointerview is in English)

Spiritueel Café TV (SCTV) is voor Bovendien.com afgereisd naar Ninove, voor een exclusief interview met Mehran Keshe. We voelen allemaal dat we aan het eind van ‘iets’ zijn gekomen. Het is nu dat we geroepen worden om dat te doen waarvoor we in de wieg zijn gelegd. Het isnu dat we beginnen te beseffen hoe groots we zijn. Het leven dat we leiden harmonieert niet met wie wij werkelijk zijn. Ziekte, tekort, een vervuilde leefomgeving: het past niet bij ons.  

Anno 2012 gloren er steeds meer nieuwe wetenschappelijke bevindingen aan de horizon die zo revolutionair zijn, dat we onze wereldbeeld moeten gaan bijstellen. Wat als ziekte uit ons bestaan wordt gewist? Wat als overvloed, schoon water, vrije energie en gezondheid voor iedereen binnen handbereik ligt? Wat als er technieken bestaan waardoor elke cel in je lichaam zich zijn oercode herinnert en daardoor weer functioneert zoals oorspronkelijk bedoeld?


Keshe in Evoluon Eindhoven (NL), a synopsis

Mehran Keshe presenting at EindhovenMehran Keshe presenting at EindhovenElektor invited on sateruday 26th of November Mehran Tavakoli Keshe for a demonstration of his inventions in the field of free energy. 

Elektor, publisher of electronics magazines and organiser of fairs presenting new technology, has been in contact with Keshe for years to research his technology.

Tijdens Live! gaf dhr. Keshe afgelopen zaterdag dan ook uitleg over zijn ontdekkingen en een aantal demonstraties. De demonstratie werd gegeven in het Engels en was goed te volgen via een groot videoscherm. 

Meer dan 1000 bezoekers vulden het Evoluon afgelopen zaterdag, allemaal naar Eindhoven gekomen voor meer dan 20 lezingen, diverse demonstraties, een enthousiaste groep exposanten. ‘s Ochtends workshops,  en gedurende het beursgedeelte konden bezoekers de stands van de exposanten bezoeken, lezingen bijwonen, praten met redacteuren en ontwerpers, kijken naar robot- en mechatronica-demonstraties door studenten-teams. En ook meedoen aan de elektronica-quiz. ‘s Middags stond er een demonstratie over alternatieve energie op het programma, een onderwerp dat onverwacht veel extra bezoekers trok. (wtk redactie)


Keshe launching energy generation and space exploration plasma technology



An interview with the inventor of what could be the next generation of commercial space travel and clean energy generation, said to be ready for licensing. We're talking super fast and cheap travel, and super cheap energy. 3 kW units are available for viewing or testing by qualified licensing parties.


MP3 Internet-radio-interviews with M.T. Keshe

  1. Interview 13-12-2011 with Allan Sterling about the Iran drone incident

  2. Interview 13-11-2011 with Desirée Röver - Argusoog

List of papers

In July 2009 a new book, titled "The Universal Order of Creation of Matters" written by nuclear engineer Keshe, is published. For more details and purchase. Till today (May 19, 2009) it was possible to download on-line some of these papers. This is no longer possible due to the above mentioned new book.




Report on the project proposed by Mr. Keshe in pdf: Download the pdf.




There are a number of unfinished articles that are to be converted to full disclosures when completed, like Anti-Matter, Nano space technology, relation between the creator and the created, space communication system, deep space defence technology, dynamic magnetic field force regions (wormholes) construction and control and so on. Some of these works have already been published through different channels and some have not yet been released. In the following section some of the works done by the same author are mentioned, with a brief disclosure of their contents.




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