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Health videos

* Health Technology Videos

In these videos you can see the progress of our volunteers who are using our plasma reactors.

Please visit our Health Applications section for more info about the diseases.

If you are using the reactor and making a video of it, you can send it to webmaster@keshefoundation.com , please use www.wetransfer.com or other tools to send big files.

All videos are ©Keshe Foundation and cannot be shared or sold on the internet, to respect volunteers' privacy.

Come back here soon to see other health videos as they are posted.


ALS video

dd. 09/2011 - 11/2011


  • Name: John.
  • Nationality: American.
  • Diagnosed with ALS in November 2010.
  • His right arm, hand and fingers and his right leg were paralysed.
  • When he arrived in Belgium from USA in September 2011 John could only hold his breath for one second as his lungs were collapsing under the degeneration of the ALS process.
  • The use of the plasma reactor was started on 20 September 2011.
  • He left Belgium seven weeks later on 12 November 2011, able to move his hand and leg and hold his breath for 35 seconds. For the time he was in Belgium he was just drinking water and being supported by external plasma reactors for a few hours a day.
  • In the first part of this video, John gives his first impressions after using the plasma reactors for 3 days.


Read more about this disease and our technology.

Brain Tumor (cancer)


dd. 06/2011 - 07/2011


  • Name: Frida.
  • Nationality: Belgian.

  • The case: Brain cancer, after the tumor was removed and radiation therapy.

  • Frida has been in bed since 2005.
  • The process of reversing paralysis (only), started on 12 June 2011.

  • After 10 weeks, she could stand on her own and take her first steps without any medication or physiotherapy as the body reset its function and the organs began to operate as they did before the onset of the paralysis.

  • In this video, Frida gives her first impressions after one week and then after twelve weeks of using our plasma reactor technology.


Read more about this disease and our technology.

Multiple Sclerosis


  • Being unable to walk and stand up for 3 years, this An needs a wheelchair to move around.
  • Even in bed she can not turn on her side or bend her legs.
  •  This video shows the abilities the patient has regained after 3 months of plasma processing.

Test case 2010 (first results of the reactor)

In this video, you can see the first results of the reactor. Keshe Foundation has got more advanced by researching the process. The results are now dramaticly faster.

C. was diagnosed with MS 5 years earlier and could not walk or did not have any feeling in limps anymore. Here you see the result after using our technology. You can follow the progress for several months.

Read more about this disease and our technology.


(dd. 05/2011 - 11/2011)

  • A 79 years old man with Parkinson disease for over 20 years.
  • He couldn't smell, taste, talk and walk anymore for nearly 15 years.
  • After using our technology for 6 months with the plasma systems, the man starts to smell, taste, talk and walk again.
  • The present video shows his walking after 15 years after beginning to use our technology.

Read more about this disease and our technology.

Regrowth after amputation

(dd. 03/2011 - 09/2011)


  • Very rare disease
  • Body produces lots of phosphorus which is transformed into clacium that deposits everywhere in the body
  • The veines, muscles and tissue are submerged with liquid calcium, blocking the blood of doing its normal work, 
  • resulting in gangrene
  • In Great Britain, Margaret was told it was necessary to amputate her leg and in a later period her arms and other leg... While no cure for this disease exists.
  • Just before coming to Belgium, Margaret has said final farewell to her husband, to avoid to see her complete decline. She preferred he had an image of her as a woman instead of a mutilated monster.
  • Margaret arrived in Belgium in a wheelchair, broken and desprate. In the Belgian hospital, the surgean started with the amputation of the big toe of the left foot to see how it evolves...
  • Mr. Keshe was allowed to interfere with his plasma technology in March 2011
  • In june 2011 Margaret called her husband to join her, two weeks later they took the boat to Great Britain
  • In August 2011, Margaret called Mr. KEshe and told him she had to take care of the house while her husband has nu clue of it... She washed all the windows.
  • In September 2011, Margaret walks for more than 2 hours doing shopping...
  • The British doctor tells the toe has grown for nearly 6mm by now !




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