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Kf promotional video, please share !

This video is for promotional purposes and explains in a simple way what the Keshe Foundation is about and how we work. Please share !

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Video of the opening of the Kf Center, Ninove, March 2012

On Friday 2 March 2012 the Foundation launched the Health Center in Ninove.

Enjoy the video.


Introduction to Keshe Foundation

In this long and exclusive interview, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe explains how the Keshe Foundation is build up, what the goal is and how the technology is deployed.






Eindhoven novembre 2011 video

NEW VERSION ! (+Chinese+French)

The shorter recording from Elector can be found here.

The article can be found here.

觉醒字幕组:通往自由能源之路-核子工程师M.T. Keshe:

The Chinese version can be found here.




Main principles


Please check the Keshe Foundation Channel on the Youtube site, to see the lastest videos.

You can watch all videos here with subtitles. (thanks goes to Rick Crammond)


peace roadmap



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